Exterior Painting

When it comes to exterior painting, there are many issues that come into play that are not present for interior painting, such as waterproofing and surface finishes. This is why it is important to hire a painter who specializes in exterior work. Painting the outside of your home can often involve a more complicated process than interior painting, so it’s important to hire an expert. Proficiency in one area of painting does not necessarily translate to proficiency in another area, so make sure you are getting the expertise you need.

Painting your home’s exterior also requires more preparation, considering you are dealing with a surface that has been exposed to the elements. As a result, there may be specific wear and tear that must be taken care of before one begins painting. There is often build up dirt and grime, or uneven surfaces which can prevent the paint from going on smoothly and evenly.

Other environmental factors such as insects, algae and warping must be taken into consideration as well. Our exceptional painting services contractor will take the time and use pressure washing to remove these excesses to ensure that your color coat has an even, finished look.

Our painting company provides excellent home painting service because we can cater to all of your exterior and interior painting needs. Give us a call at All American Wallpaper & Paint in Tulsa, OK for a quote and book your appointment today!